2012 Dreams Can Come True Camp


On May 4-6,2012 we hosted our 12th annual "Dreams Can Come True" family camp weekend.  We played host to 181 family members and 55 volunteers.  We are pleased to share with you that 13 of those families were newcomers to CFA camp.

Camp started on Friday at noon and the energy and excitement did not end until Sunday Morning when everyone said their farewells and gave thanks to all who had made this magical weekend possible. Each year we work hard to provide things that will build confidence and self-esteem for children of all ages.  This year we offered a spider climb wall, which consisted of 6 levels of climbing, followed by a double slide down.  All ages including parents participated in the success of making it to the top and down the slide, as on lookers provided words of encouragement and cheers that you could hear for miles away, we knew this weekend would once again be memorable for all our families. The weekend started with a petting zoo and a scavenger hunt that lasted all weekend. We offered numerous crafts and activities that would allow the families to join together to make new friends and memories to be cherished for a lifetime. Some of the activities were archery, horseback riding, fishing and canoeing, which provided hours of fun for all ages. Thanks to our friends at Home Depot you could even build and hammer a masterpiece, sculpt your favorite animal figure out of Play-doh provided by a local Girl Scout Council or get creative with Spin Art. 

There are so many highlights, but the water balloon toss, the petting zoo, and the game of spoons was among the favorites. When asked " What would you say was your favorite thing at camp?"  The majority replied singing around the campfire with Mrs. Donna who has the ability to engage every single guest in song and dance.  She has quite the dance moves and is such a great leader with her words of encouragement and her ability to make everyone feel so special. 

 Mrs. Donna writes:  This camp is part of who our family has become.  We look forward to seeing our CFA family every year.    We thank everyone who participates in giving us the opportunity to provide the camp and to believe in us to make dreams come true. We hope to see all of you again next year!!"