Terri Farmer Service Award

In 2009 the Craniofacial Foundation of America (CFA) pledged to present the Terri Farmer Service Award to someone who exemplifies the qualities that Terri Farmer herself gave so willingly to the patients and their families of the CFA throughout her 18 years of service.

The Tennessee Craniofacial Center (TCC) and CFA had to say good-bye to someone who gave true meaning to the mission of creating better tomorrows for patients with facial birth defects, tumors and trauma-related injuries. Mrs. Terri Farmer retired from her position as the liaison for the TCC in November of 2009 after 18 years of dedicated service. Terri was very dedicated and compassionate about the families who came to the Center for evaluation and treatment. She treated them as her own family. Her love, compassion, and dedication has touched many lives throughout her service to this organization.


Dr. Larry Sargent, Mr. Corey Griffin, Mrs. Terri Farmer, and Mrs. Terry Smyth




2016 Terri Farmer Award Recipient



The Craniofacial Foundation of America's board of directors name Dr. Thomas Roy Peterson as the 2016 Terri Farmer recipient. Care and compassion are at the heart of the Terri Farmer award and Dr. Peterson exemplifies those qualitites and so much more throughout his years of service.  The team approach to craniofacial surgery would not be complete without a highly skilled anesthesiologist.  The fragile nature of these patients is never more evident than when they are put under anesthesia for craniofacial operations, some of which last several hours. Dr. Peterson provides not only the superior expertise but he also provides the calm reassurance that both the patients and their families need during these stressful times.  He is able to make life saving decisions and maintain his composure in the most tense situations all the while providing the necessary leadership to see that the child is well cared for until the last suture is places.


Dr. Peterson shared this statment with us after recieveing the award,

"The remarkable courage, in the face of such a complicated and unfamiliar chapter in their lives, demostrated by the smiles of our patients, has always inspired in me a sense of admiration and respect.  To have been entrusted with the care of their children in such a circumstance is a privilege and an honor, I will forever treasure"  






 2015 Terri Farmer Service Award Recipient


The Craniofacial Foundation of America's board of directors is pleased to announce the 2015 Terri Farmer Award recipient, Belinda D. Foy, PT, CHT.  Belinda first became familiar with the Craniofacial Foundation when she worked for the Plastic Surgery Group as a hand therapist.  In 2011, Belinda joined BenchMark Physical Therapy to serve as Director of Hand Therapy for this region.   Through the years she has given many volunteer hours for various programs with the Foundation.   When asked, she will tell you that her favorite program is our family camp "Dreams Can Come True".   Belinda being a physical therapist is a great asset to our family camp. She works with our children who have disabilities and spends hours during the weekend working individually with the children and their families.   Her patience and compassion for each child is a model for all of our volunteers.  In addition, she entertains all our children with her sidekick for the weekend, "Lamb chop", which has become an icon for CFA camp. 

Belinda shares that she has witnessed amazing transformations, both physically and emotionally, as these special children grow and mature through the years.  "I know that camp is meant to be a special weekend for the families and children of the CFA, but I think it means nearly as much to the volunteers!  I find it to be a profound blessing to me."  

 The Terri Farmer award was established in 2009 as a tribute to Terri Farmer, who served as the coordinator for the Tennessee Craniofacial Center for 18 years and the Executive Director of the Craniofacial Foundation of America for 15 years.  Mrs. Farmer was recognized for her dedication, compassion and willingness to make a difference in the lives of children with facial disfigurements.


2014 Terri Farmer Service Award Recipient



The 2014 Terri Farmer Award was awarded to Lynda Gooden for her exemplary work and dedication to the patients of the Tennessee Craniofacial Center and the Craniofacial Foundation of America. Lynda goes above and beyond to dedicate herself to ensuring that these children get what they need, and that the families understand each part of the process. She has an amazing ability to set these families at ease in what can often times be a very scary and overwhelming experience. Her passion for these children and their families is immediately apparent in her work. She has been a speaker at the CFA 'Mom's Retreat' and has become a valuable part of the team.  

She works closely with Dr. Cox's craniofacial patients and their families to guide them through the dental processes related to their child's craniofacial condition. She works primarily with the cleft palate families from birth to adolescence. Lynda feels fortunate to have trained under Dr. Cox for 38 years and finds working with the cleft palate children very rewarding.  "To see an infant lick his or her lips or blow bubbles for the first time, and then to have that teenager's personality blossom when they have that final surgery, are more rewarding than words can express."

2013 Terri Farmer Service Award Recipient



The 2013 Terri Farmer Award recipient, Dr. Tim Strait, has been with the Tennessee Craniofacial Center since it's inception in 1987. He has performed many surgeries on children born with craniofacial abnormalities over the past 26 years.  Dr. Strait is known not only for his outstanding successes as a surgeon, but also for going above and beyond to see that he and his staff are able to help parents with their concerns, and do whatever it takes to ensure each child has the best care he can offer.

Dr. Tim Strait was born in Ashland, Ohio and graduated high school from Gilmour Academy in 1968. His undergraduate studies were undertaken at Washington and Lee University where he received his Bachelors of Science in 1971. He attended Medical School at the University of Tennessee in Memphis, receiving his MD in 1977. He continued on with his residency training in Memphis, completing an internship at Baptist Hospital in 1978. His formal neurosurgical training was undertaken in Memphisand he graduated that program in 1982. He performed additional postgraduate training at theCornell Medical Center in 1983.


2012 Terri Farmer Service Award Recipient



The Craniofacial Foundation of America presented the 2012 Terri Farmer Service Award to Ms. Tricia Davies on April 14, 2012 at the annual Palate 2 Palette fundraiser. Ms. Davies was chosen as the recipient of the award for exemplyfying dedication, compassion and willingness to make the differences in the lives of children born with a craniofacial deformity.  Craniofacial surgery became a passion for Tricia early in her nursing career and she loves being a part of the team and working with Dr. Larry Sargent. Tricia started to particiapte with fundraising for the Foundation shortly after she started working on the surgical team. She especially enjoys the annual Christmas party every year and visiting with the patients that she has taken care of throughout the years.  She combines her love of travel and craniofacial surgery by becoming involved in international medical mission trips through Erlanger Medical Center and TCC. She has participated in four mission trips to Pucallpa, Peru and two to Panama City, Panama.  Tricia feels that being a part of a team to help give children a second change in life is very rewarding.



2011 Terri Farmer Service Award Recipient


Dr. Larry Sargent, Jeff Loy, Heather Henderson, Terry Smyth and Renee Craig
Photo courtesy of Chatter Magazine/Photographer:  Mark Gilliland


The Craniofacial Foundation of America presented the 2011 Terri Farmer Service Award to Miss Heather Henderson on April 2, 2011 at the annual Palate 2 Palette fundraiser.  Miss Henderson was selected as the recipient of the award for her contribution to the CFA in organizing and establishing the "Dreams Can Come True"  family camp.  When she was 16 years old, Miss Henderson started  this special weekend camp for children with craniofacial differences for her Girl Scout's Gold Award project .  11 years later, Miss Henderson remains actively involved in the camp and volunteers her time and efforts at the three day camp held at Camp Adahi in Menlo, Georgia.  "Dreams Can Come True" family camp is sponsored by the CFA and is of no cost to our patients and their families.



2010 Terri Farmer Service Award                               

Dr. Tim Strait, Mrs. Terry Smyth, Dr. Sidney Cox
Mr. Corey Griffin, Mrs. Cindy Butler, and Mr. Jeff Loy

The CFA awarded Dr. Sidney Cox the 2010 Terri Farmer Service Award for his outstanding contribution to the organization through his practice of pediatric dentistry. Dr. Cox is part of the craniofacial team lead by Dr. Larry A. Sargent. Dr. Cox has given his time and services to the center since its establishment in 1987. During his time with TCC, he has helped thousands of children born with facial deformities. Dr. Cox was chosen as the recipient of the Award for exemplifying dedication, compassion and willingness to make the differences in lives of children with facial abnormalities.