Parent-to-Parent Network Resource Library

The Parent-to-Parent Resource Library has credible books, journals, and websites for information on Craniofacial issues.  You can get to various respected websites using the links below.  If you would like to view the printed material for a given condition, please contact the Craniofacial Office via e-mail using the form below or calling 423-778-9192.

Resource Request Form


Craniofacial Foundation of America -  This foundation helps craniofacial patients and their families.

International Craniofacial Institute - This websites offers information on many syndromes and anomalies.

Smile Train - An international charity that provides surgery to those in need, as well as providing training to doctors in the region.

Apert Syndrome

Teeter's Page - This website offers information and support for Apert Syndrome as told through the story of one girl with  Apert Syndrome..   

Glodenhar Syndrome

Goldenhar Syndrome Support Network Society - This website offers support and information to families and individuals and their related conditions.

Moebius Syndrom Foundation

Moebius Syndrome Foundation - This website offers information, resources and online support for the Moebius Syndrome.

Pierre Robin Syndrome
Pierre Robin Network - This website offers resources, support, and information related to the Pierre Robin Syndrome.

Stickler Syndrome

Stickler Involved People - This website offers resources adn information related to the Sticker Syndrome.