2015 Annual Christmas Party Celebration

So many Blessings ......


The Craniofacial Foundation has a lot to be thankful for and it's never more apparent than when the Christmas party takes place. This year we played host to over 300 guests at Pin Strikes in Chattanooga on December 5, 2015. 


Our families love to share time with each other and when they get the chance laughter and excitement fills the air. They had the entire place to themselves too, as they enjoyed bowling, laser tag, bumper cars and  arcade games. Some enjoyed having a slice of pizza as they chatted the night away.


Dr. Sargent and his wife, Brenda had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. These two are never shy when it comes to playing games, or joining in on the fun. You can catch a glimpse of Dr. Sargent trying out his bowling skills. 


Another highlight for the evening was Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus stopping by to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone and take a few snapshots with the children. 


A very special thank you to the volunteers who helped make this event truly magical, including the children from STEM school, the staff at The Plastic Surgery Group, Mrs. Lisa Shook, Ms. Terri Zucconi, Aikenhead family and the medical team from the TCC. 


A special thank you to Ms. Belinda Foy who helped the CFA to sponsor this event.